Staff Bio

Kenneth L. Van Voorhis
Principal Landscape Architect

WASLA, Internal Party Planning Committee, Citizen at large, Husband, Parent
Licensure: Washington, Oregon, and Montana

Role at SPVV Landscape Architects
As a principal of SPVV, Ken offers the highest level of design stemming from a strong background in urban revitalization, park planning, government facilities and business park development. Coupled with his practical experience in the agriculture industry, landscape maintenance and landscape construction, Ken provides a well rounded approach to landscape architecture. Using the skills developed from these unique life opportunities, Ken is able to provide a perspective rich in the basics of form and function. Specific project emphasis also includes street beautification, park planning, and large scale residential projects. Ken wears many hats as a principal and is responsible for design and management of the design process by others, assembly of construction documents, preparation of specifications, and many day-to-day office administration tasks, such as human resources, business development, and financial planning.

Why I Work Here
Because it is fun! Landscape Architecture has many challenges as well as many opportunities. Working at SPVV provides me with a good balance of rewards and challenges. The work performed is interesting, fun and allows a bit of artistry along with calculated accuracy that is at an enjoyable level. Personally I believe that our built environment needs help in softening it to the natural environment. I find it very difficult to try as we might to outdo Mother Nature.

Other reasons are that this job is based in the Inland Northwest. The climate here is just right which allows for activity diversity throughout the year. Activities include boating, fishing, bicycling, and deck lounging in the summer, generally in that order. Fall activities include football, gardening, and general home maintenance. The winters can vary greatly but activities can consist of snow removal, Christmas with family, and collegiate level basketball entertainment into March. I enjoy my family the most, learning history and tinkering in my future shop/garage. I am hoping to complete a restoration of my 1956 Chevy truck. Overall I enjoy life and look at keeping a balance between the challenges of my career and providing for my family. Highlights of my career include working with my fellow colleagues, and the opportunity that this profession has afforded. These projects include international work as well as unique residential opportunities.

Washington State University—Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture 1987

Kenneth Van Voorhis