Staff Bio

Darren Teal
Principal Landscape Architect

Licensure: Washington, Idaho

Role at SPVV Landscape Architects
Darren joined SPVV with 8 years of design experience in the Inland Northwest, and has been licensed since 2010. Darren's role includes creating conceptual designs, generating planting and irrigation plans, estimating, and managing and development of landscapes for governmental, commercial and educational commissions. He specializes in AutoCAD, but also utilizes Photoshop, InDesign, Sketch-up and SiteOps to complete projects of various types and requirements.

Why I Work Here
Let's be honest, I'm only working here to fund my weekend hobbies, which include riding dirt bikes, snow bikes, mountain bikes or hanging out with friends and family. All kidding aside, I work here not only because of the laid-back, easygoing, fun atmosphere, but also because everyone here is passionate about and believe in what they do. The vast array of projects that we work on allows us to work together as a team and come up with unique and creative solutions for each and every project.

University of Idaho—Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

Darren Teal